Tokyo Motor Show 2019 Yamaha:MW-Vision

Next-generation personal mobility that uses LMW * 1 technology to propose new ways of engaging people and mobility. Equipped with lean control technology and reverse function in a cocoon body that is easy to handle and manage. It was developed with the aim of providing many people with a new feeling of comfort and comfort in addition to the exhilarating cornering that is integrated with the machine of LMW. “Human sensitivities” that enable the fusion of robotics and mobility technologies, such as “interactive communication between people and mobility through sound * 2 and light ”, which sublimates movement into an unprecedented new experience This is a concept model that proposes “mobility mobility”. 


* 1 LMW is a general term for vehicles with three or more wheels that lean and turn like a motorcycle. 

* 2 For sound interaction, we use Yamaha Corporation's sound system and ViReal ™ digital surround sound technology.