Where can the motorcycle be repaired and warranty serviced ?

You can visit our store for repairing, or please call 26122218 to make an appointment.


How long is the new motorcycle maintenance period? How long does it take to maintain it? How to make an appointment for maintenance?

Starting from 2020, the motorcycle warranty period for vehicles licensed in Hong Kong is one year or 12,000 kilometers, depend on whichever comes first. It is recommended to maintain it once every 2-3 months. You are welcome to check the reservation record through the MAN LEE TAT APP and carry out regular maintenance. You can make a maintenance appointment through the MAN LEE TAT APP, or you can contact us by 26122218 to check your reservation.


How can I check if I have forgotten my appointment time?

You can check the reservation record on MAN LEE TAT App or contact us by 26122218.


Where can i order motorcycle related products and check the price of the vehicle.

You can check the YAHAMA website and download the app, or call the store at 26122218.


What kind of gas should the motorcycle use?

Regular Unleaded.


What kind of engine oil should the motorcycle use?

It is recommended to use the original YAMAHA engine oil.


What motorcycle need to use gear oil?

Depending on the type of motorcycle, such as scooter.


Where can I buy YAMAHA parts?

We have sold YAMAHA parts and peripheral products. Welcome to visit the store for enquiry.


What do I need to bring for maintenance?

Please bring your warranty card.


Can I have the color option or owner name change after paying the deposit?

Once the deposit has been made, the order will not be transferred to other owner or changed color option. For details, please contact us by 26122218.


What do I need to bring when I purchase a motorcycle?

A valid driver's license, deposit (EPS or Cash), ID card, address proof recent 3 months before vehicle license application.


What documents are required for installment payments?

A valid driver's license, deposit (EPS or Cash), ID card, address proof recent 3 months before vehicle license application. (eg: tax bill, food bill)


How long can I get the motorcycle after the deposit is paid?

Please contact our staff to for the exact time of delivery.


How long does the service check-up process take?

Depending on the circumstances, it is usually be two hours.


What items are included in the warranty?

Please contact our front desk for more details.


How can I make an appointment in advance?

It is recommended to make an appointment two weeks in advance, subject to the service check-up.


How do I know if update news of vacancy of YAMAHA products is on the market?

Please regularly to our website, APP, Facebook: Yamaha MLT Hong Kong, Instagram: yamaha.mlt.hk, our company will update the YAMAHA products information in the first time.