703 Side Mount Remote Control
HKD $2,500

703-48205-20-00 (REMOTE CONTROL ASSY, 10P, PPT)

703-48205-21-00 (REMOTE CONTROL ASSY, 10P, PPT)

703-48205-22-00 (REMOTE CONTROL ASSY, 10P, PPT)

703-48207-21-00 (REMOTE CONTROL ASSY, 10P, PPT)

703-48207-22-00 (REMOTE CONTROL ASSY, 10P, PPT)


703-48207-1B-00 (10P)


• All in one design such as ignition key, lanyard switch, 10pin harness with 5 meter long and PTT switch.

• Designed for use with electric start models with single engine installation.

• Either side (left or right) screw on fitting, quick and easy installation.

• Control lever with neutral lock function.

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703 Side Mount Remote Control

HKD $2,500