1.5 kW (2 ps)
HKD $5,560

Yamaha 2CMHS outboard engines are designed for use in single boats. A single-cylinder two-stroke engine delivers 2 horsepower. The presented model is suitable for those who want to get a high-quality engine, undemanding in constant maintenance. Usually it is used by fishermen who need to get closer to the middle of the lake, and then swim back to shore.

Management is carried out using the tiller. Speed ​​adjustment is done manually. An integrated lubrication system is not provided due to the compact size of the engine. Gasoline is mixed with oil in a ratio of 50 to 1 - 20 milliliters of oil is required per liter. Another distinguishing feature is the use of high-quality HGK spark plugs. The curb weight is only 11 kilograms - ease of transportation and manual installation on the boat is provided.

Max.prop Shaft Output1.5 kW (2 ps)
Full Throttle Operating Range4500 – 5500 r/min
Idling Speed1100 – 1200 r/min
Fuel Consumption1.4 L/h @5000 r/min

Engine Type1-cylinder
Displacement50 cm³
Bore X Stroke42.0 × 36.0 mm
Compression Ratio8.3 :1
Starting EnrichmentManual choke
ScavengingLoop Charge
Fuel Induction System1 carburetor
Oil fuel mixing ratio50 :1 (CRB, OCE 100 :1)
Lubrication SystemPre-mixed fuel and oil
Ignition SystemCDI
Ignition TimingBTDC 18 deg.
Spark PlugB7HS, BR7HS
Cooling SystemRaw-water, thermostatically controlled
Exhaust SystemUnder water

Bracket / Drive
Trim4 positions
Steering Angle360 deg.
Gear ShiftF
Gear Ratio2.08 (27/13)
Gear Oil Capacity0.045 L
Propeller FittingShear Pin
Propeller RotationClockwise
Engine Transom Height419 mm (16.4 in)

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1.5 kW (2 ps)

HKD $5,560