Yamaha Motorcycle Textile Bags
HKD $2,400


Stylish, clean in design, functional, extremely comfortable and sturdy - these are Yamaha motorcycle textile bags ready to carry more or less extra luggage whenever you need help.

Product Details: 

  • The proper and safe use of bags requires the installation of side stands, which are purchased separately and are compatible with the model of the motorcycle * 
  • The bag model has an innovative design with smart attachment to the side posts and the passage of the attachment above the passenger seat without having to remove the seat each time the bags are removed 
  • The two bags are fastened and fixed to each other through extremely strong and wide velcro straps 
  • Expand the volume from 14 to 21 liters 
  • Each bag has an extra outer pocket with quick access to small things like a wallet or a cell phone 
  • Each bag also has a handle for easy carrying 
  • With embroidered Yamaha logo 
  • Includes waterproof inner bags for maximum luggage protection


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